120/365 Birthday Present I Can’t Open Yet

I have a Birthday coming up in a little less than two weeks. This present will be sitting on the floor in front of me for those two weeks. Matt did a similar thing before Christmas and it drove me nuts trying to figure out what could possibly be in the big box. That time it was an awesome retro style music player (records, cds, tapes, radio etc). This time, once again, I have no clue whatsoever.

Anyone want to take a guess at what’s in the box?

On a similar Birthday note, I’m working on a 30 before 30 list as this year I turn 29. I’m looking for suggestions since I’m at number 14 and I’m stuck. I want the list to have attainable goals, not just random things I’d like to do someday. On July 1st I’ll post my list (as it exists at that point) because July I will not have my usual Monthly Goals (story about this also coming on July 1st).



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