A Productive January and 7 New Cards in Our Etsy Shop (!!)

Sammy the Cat Box Greeting Card

Winter is not my favorite season. The dark and the cold send me spiraling down and I usually just want to curl up with a book and a blanket and my husband and watch movies or read. This winter, however, has been extremely mild and for that I am actually thankful. The warmer (warm-er, not necessarily warm) weather in New England this year is making my January much more productive than usual and I’m loving it.

For example, this month I re-photographed every single one of our Sammy & Friends cards as well as 7 brand new cards and got them all up and settled into our Etsy Shop. Click the link to see them all! Matt has also been productive this month and has drawn several new illustrations that I can’t wait to make things with (hint: one involves books!).

Sammy Celebrates Birthday Greeting Card

I’ve also seriously started looking into craft fairs for 2016. In recent years we’ve taken a break from doing a lot of fairs, but this year we want to jump right back in. We’ve been testing the waters with Get Baked every few months and so far it’s going really well. We will be back at their Love Local Pop-Up Market on March 20th, so please come visit! We also have two more fair applications going in soon and I’m on the lookout for even more shows so stay tuned for a full list once I know all the details!

If you follow us on Social Media at all, you know I’m nearly always on Twitter and Instagram. But lately I’ve been working on posting more frequently on our Facebook page. If you haven’t already “liked” our page, please stop by!

And on that note, I hope you all have a great week! I’ll be writing a small post about a book I recently finished either later this week or sometime next. I’m also thinking about starting to post a simple photo one day a week or every other week. What do you think?


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