here at fallenpeach lane we believe in 

being polite | great customer service | inspiring smiles

we also believe that

choosing a bookmark can be almost as much of an adventure as reading 

hikes can clear your mind and inspire projects 

cats are adorable

hedgehogs and bats are also adorable


about: lindsey

photographer, graphic designer, writer, dreamer and road tripper.

addicted to: reading, twitter, calendars, making art and to do lists.

favorite authors: robin hobb, stephen king, christopher moore, robin mckinley, neil gaiman, margaret atwood, cherie priest and oh the list could go on and on.

about: matt

illustrator, artist, photographer, dreamer and road tripper.

addicted to: movies, reading, making art and hiking.

favorite authors: j.r.r. tolkien, michael crichton, orson scott card (his books), stephen king, george r.r. martin


about: fallenpeach lane

We started a company called fallenpeach when were both temporarily unemployed in 2009. Inspired by a cross country road trip we took, fallenpeach products were based around kitchy travel photography. Shortly after the trip, we started new retail jobs and continued working on our little company on the side.

Sammy, Matt’s illustrated cat, was introduced to fallenpeach somewhere around 2011 and became a hit immediately. In 2015/2016, we decided to make the change – fallenpeach became fallenpeach lane, and our products featuring Sammy, and other adorable illustrated animals, expanded. We retired our photography products and put all of our energy into Sammy and his friends.

Though we still work day jobs, our side business has grown over the years and we can’t wait to see what happens in the next 8 years!

p.s. In 2015 we also introduced our graphic design company, Side Route Studio. If you are looking for a new logo or a wedding suite, please visit us over there!





The Nutmeg Collective

The Nutmeg Collective is Connecticut’s largest network of handmade artisans and vintage collectors, and fallenpeach lane is a part of that network! Please be sure to check out the team’s website and learn all about who we are, what we do and check out the rest of the wonderful makers who are part of the team!