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1950's Carnival Doo Wop Bookmark at fallenpeach on etsy

During my blogging break I did a lot of behind the scenes work and I did a lot of thinking about fallenpeach and Side Route Studio (coming soon!). I thought about balance and my 9-5 job vs my creative passion. And I thought about stress and how to keep it at bay.

What I ultimately decided was to go back to my roots. fallenpeach originally started with bookmarks. Reading is my passion and making bookmarks is what I love. They are still my bestsellers, as well. Since I started selling on Etsy I’ve sold bookmarks, greeting cards, keychains, necklaces and now I’m working on coasters to add into the shop. It was too much.

I’ve filtered the greeting cards, keychains and necklaces out of the shop slowly, with the exception of Sammy and Friends cards which we will be keeping and hopefully expanding upon. Coasters will be coming soon, but mostly I’m back to focusing on bookmarks.

I’m thinking about finding a local consignment shop for the cards, keychains and necklaces. Though, I’m also debating an Instagram Sale. We shall see what ends up happening.

This past Sunday was for projects – including photo editing. I have 6 more bookmarks ready to list sometime this week. Keep an eye on the shop for more new bookmarks and and an eye on my Instagram and Twitter accounts for more news and behind the scenes things.


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