Sammy Celebrates Birthday Greeting Card
Winter is not my favorite season. The dark and the cold send me spiraling down and I usually just want to curl up with a book and a blanket and my husband and watch movies or read. This winter, however, has been extremely mild and for that I am actually […]

A Productive January and 7 New Cards in Our Etsy ...

We spent much of 2015 brainstorming new illustrations and new product ideas. At our last craft fair we launched two new products: Sammy & Friends Coasters (currently not available online) and a Sticker Pack. I am super excited to announce that Sticker Packs are now available in our Etsy Shop! Each […]

New in Our Etsy Shop: Stickers!

Happy December! I think I’m finally ready for the holidays, at least personally. I tend to avoid Christmas music and things until after Thanksgiving and now I’m ready to embrace the craziness. Organizationally, I have a different plan for tackling December, but first let’s take a look at November. November […]

The Meetup: December 2014

fallenpeach free printable read this month
I realized last month that I don’t really keep track of the books I read very well. I try to blog about them once a month, but often times if I don’t love a book I’ll get rid of it and forget about it. As a Project Lifer, I realized […]

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