Can you believe that it’s APRIL? March totally flew by for me. Felt even shorter than February, believe it or not. I have to say, though, I was much more productive in March than February. I think it’s the excitement for Spring that gets me motivated and moving. April should, […]

The Meetup: April 2014 Goals

  Boy do I love how quickly this week went! We have a jam packed weekend full of birthday (not ours) shenanigans and a wedding ahead of us, but I’m hoping to fit in some time to sort photos from our trip last weekend as well. We went camping at Green […]

Choose Your Adventure: National Parks, Route 66 and a Hint ...

> After a few days of floundering with my new schedule (or rather, lack thereof), I’ve implemented a way to keep myself organized and still get things done. It may take a couple days to get totally back on track, but I’m getting there! Yesterday: I worked. Retail. Again. But […]

>YTT: New Settings

>  When I re-designed the fallenpeach logo I was almost out of business cards anyway – so I made new ones and ordered more. Since I started this, I’ve been obsessed with MOO. I print my business cards and my greeting cards through them and absolutely love the quality of […]

>Tools of the Trade: Business Cards

> I can not believe it’s almost August. July just flew by for me. It’s amazing how much our road trip cleared my head. A couple weeks back and I’m still feeling good. I’m accomplishing things, taking it slower and feeling less stressed out. There are still, obviously, some kinks […]

>YTT: Sneak Peeks and Feeling Good