Changes on the Wind, and a Pendant Display

As some of you know, I’ve started adding glass pendants into the shop featuring some of my travel and flower photographs. We attended a couple craft fairs recently and I put together this simple display. I think it came out pretty good, how about you?

The first fair went really well, but the second not so much. I’m looking into a few other events for the Summer, but with the wedding planning and all we probably won’t be able to do more than that until next Spring/Summer. That’s okay though. Because I have a lot of plans for fallenpeach. Particularly this Summer and leading up to our anniversary in September. We will be concluding our third year in business and I want to open our fourth year with a bang. There are at least three sheets of paper with ideas and scribbles on them roaming about my desk and I’m eager to start crossing things off yet another list.

I’m being evasive, I know, but I will start with this – I am 17 sales from 100 in our Etsy Shop and once I hit 15 sales away exciting things will start happening. Either that or the beginning of June, whichever comes first!

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