Confession: I Have a Business Book Obsession

business book stack photograph by fallenpeach

When we went on our NYC Adventure a couple weeks ago, I decided to buy a magazine for the train ride home. Searching the shelves at the newsstand in Grand Central, I was first drawn to the Art section. But they didn’t have HOW. And then I was almost immediately drawn to the Business section. I chose Entrepreneur. This has been a growing development, but I think I’m ready to admit that I have a business book/magazine obsession.

Above you can see the current pile of business books and magazines that I have accumulated. This is not including the two or three that I have read and dismissed (including The Anti-9-5 Guide) , nor the ones that I have borrowed and returned( including The $100 Startup). This also doesn’t include the finance books (like The Money Book, which I read regularly).

What am I getting out of these books? How many of the above have I ACTUALLY READ? These are the questions I’ve started to ask myself. In the case of the books I’ve dismissed, they held little for me. They weren’t aimed at my type of business or personality. The $100 Startup I actually think I’d like to buy since it inspired several pages of notes and ideas at 3 am the night I read it.

As for the books in the photograph? I have read maybe 2 of them. Instead, I collect them and put them on a shelf and forget about them. So I’m adding a goal for myself. Each month (starting in April) I will choose one of the above books and read it, dissect it, take notes from it, and determine whether or not it helps me in my goals.

The other day I had to physically restrain myself from buying yet another TWO books on crafting and business. I refuse to buy another until I’ve read through the ones I own.

Do you have a business book obsession? Not that I should ask this but – what books have helped you along the way? Or, likewise, do you have a collection or obsession that you have started and can’t get control of?

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