Currently Obssessed With: Tiny Houses

Obsessed with Tiny Houses

Happy Monday and welcome to an old / new feature! Years ago when I started this blog I had a feature talking about my obsessions. When I started re-thinking my editorial calendar, I decided I wanted this feature back, but only once a month.

Right now Matt and I are just a bit obsessed with both Tiny Houses and RV living. We are dreaming of being able to travel someday for as long as we want and both of these lifestyles fit in with that dream. We already live in a small space. But it’s an apartment, and therefore not truly ours. I love the idea of building something that fits your every need without any extra space.

It all started with a borrowed book: The Big Tiny by Dee Williams. The book made me smile and it made me think. It inspired me as well. I started really thinking about how much stuff we have, even in our own tiny apartment space, and how much of it we really need. I started obsessively watching YouTube videos about Dee Williams and Jay Shafer, which inspired me even more. And I started thinking about downsizing and took to cleaning a lot more frequently. There are currently a few boxes hanging about with things I want to donate or throw away. I’m even thinking about doing the Minimalist Challenge.

Not too long after I finished the book, we discovered that there is a TV show called Tiny House Nation that we can watch online. The show is in its first season, but I love watching the tiny houses come together and see the variety of people who move in to them. I only wish they had the time to go into the more practical aspects – like where to park your tiny house within regulations and things.

This past weekend we also discovered a documentary called Tiny. Actually watching someone with no experience build a tiny house from beginning to end made me think that maybe we could build our own someday. Again, all of these people are truly inspiring to me.

RV living and Tiny House living are a someday for us. But for now, I’m cleaning and thinking about the things we have and what we do and don’t need. I’m cutting down and really thinking about what I bring in to our apartment. We are also getting rid of some of our larger pieces of furniture with the hope that it will open the space a little more.

What do you think of Tiny Houses?

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