Giving Up on Certain Books



I posted this photo on Instagram yesterday. It’s two books I gave up on reading this month and a third that I’m not so sure about.

Earlier this year I started giving myself permission to not finish books. I used to feel like I had to finish any book I started, even if it bored me or I started to hate it. This year I’ve been a lot better about “giving up” on books that I don’t like instead of forcing myself to finish them.

Lately I’ve also been really good about reading both new and old books. I read one new book (from the mountain under the bed) and then follow it with re-reading an old favorite or a book I’ve read but am not sure I want to keep. Through this process I’ve brought at least two bags of books to the used bookstore this year and I feel better for it.

I love books and I love re-reading books, but sometimes I find myself keeping books for nostalgia’s sake or because it looks good on my shelf. We have limited space in our apartment, and one of my goals for 2016 is to be able to fit both my books and Matt’s books on one bookshelf. I’m hoping this process will help me determine which books actually “spark joy” (any other Konmari method followers?) and which ones I don’t care about anymore.

How do you sort your books? Do you keep them all or only the ones you truly love? Do you finish all the books you start or give yourself permission to not finish them?

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