June Goals, 2013

the meetup banner 2013

Is anyone else amazed that it’s already June?  May was a surprisingly productive month for me and I think I’m getting better at focusing and keeping myself from getting overwhelmed. Let’s look at May:

MAY GOALS – Focus on Blog and Portfolio

– Make new sidebar graphics – have you seen my new sidebar yet?

– Make list of blog topics for future posts  The list isn’t big, but I do have a list of blog topics to pull from. I’m hoping this will help.

– Make custompeach blog portfolio page (s) Have you seen them yet?! Graphic Design and Custom Art

– sort items on tablet portfolio and make into a neat, easy to browse set of folders with only the best of the best  DONE! Tablet portfolio ready to go!

– check out other blog templates, make sure this is the right one for me  I changed blog templates and love the new one!

– re-evaluate blog schedule, make official calendar I have a general guideline for what days I post certain types of posts. In May I started making a more detailed schedule. I’m using the Windows desktop app Scratch Pad to keep a dated list of posts. Once I write the post I delete it from the list. I haven’t been using it too terribly long (try a week), but so far so good. I just need to get a few weeks in the list so that I’m ahead of the game.

Other Goals

– finish Steampunk outfit and accessory build for SPWF Our outfits and accessories were super awesome, did you see the photo at the bottom of this post?

– apply to another craft fair  for Fall, research more Spring fairs – I did look for Spring fairs (without success) but did not apply for Fall fairs yet. BOO.

– at least photograph new bookmarks if not put into shop. – I didn’t do this either, but I will in June.


Awesomely Productive May I had there! I am, seriously, really proud of myself. I hope that I can keep this momentum going for June. Although the one craft fair we are signed up for isn’t until August, My Overall Goal for June is: Craft Fair Preparation.

– Find all craft fair display pieces and put in one place

– Buy new gray sheets for tables (I want to change my color scheme from black)

– Sort new display pieces and decide on new table layout

– Have a new banner made

– Have a stamp made

– Decide on sale items

– Order supplies for new keychains and pendants

– Decide on new prints to get together/have printed, buy more mattes for them.

– Decide on framed prints, change out from what is already framed if necessary

– Buy clipboard for e-mail list sign up

– Make checklist of what to bring (don’t forget snacks and water)


Other Goals:

– Photograph new bookmarks

– List at least one new bookmark

– Continue craft fair research


How was your May? Did you accomplish a lot?

What are your goals for June? Post your own  Goals link in the comments!

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