Meetup: November 2014

meetup goals

The weather in New England has gone from Summer to almost Winter within the span of one single Autumn month. I’m not much looking forward to Winter, but I’m enjoying the fall foliage and sweater weather days as much as possible.

I feel like I accomplished some things this month, but let’s see if any of them were actually on my list.

October Goals

  • Make coasters and new products for fair in Novemberdifferent  fair, but new coasters are done!
  • List new Sammy greeting cards :)one is listed – did you see it yet? Others are coming soon!
  • Continue work on Side Route Studio website
  • Clean and downsize apartment more
  • attempt Bingo Night again
  • Finish year two of Project Life and try to finish Road Trip number 1proud to have finished my first Project Life book and that I was able to fit two years of marriage into it! On to book 2 and year 3!
  • Re-package necklaces for fairdone!
  • Blog on time rest of month – well, I tried anyway 🙂
  • Take more me time
  • Get better at time management – ongoing project, haha!

All in all, not a bad month. The fair I had thought I was doing didn’t work out – but I will be a part of a Nutmeg Collective show in Guilford mid-November which I’m excited about. Should be fun to show off my new coasters and new notebooks that I’m still working on!

November Goals

  • Photograph coasters, new notebooks and necklaces
  • Re-arrange Etsy shop for Holidays and list new Holiday products
  • Make schedule to list new products in Etsy shop
  • Make more notebooks
  • Continue work on Side Route Studio website
  • Clean off Expedit and move it or sell it. Downsize more!
  • Project Life – begin year 3 and road trip 2

Since these projects are all fairly large, I’m going to keep it simple and try to do everything on this list. I do have a LOT of new products to put into the shop and once I get a decent full day to photograph them I should be good to start listing. I’m really excited to show you all what I’ve been working on!

How was your October? Did you get a lot done?

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