Meetup: October 2014 Goals

meetup goals

OCTOBER! I can hardly believe it’s Fall right now. The weather has finally cooled down a little and the leaves are starting to change and I’m loving every minute. I had planned on posting this yesterday, but life happened and so here it is today! September was reasonably productive, and I made some decisions about things in the background. Let’s take a look back at September:

September 2014 Goals

  • Re-photograph Coasters and list them in the shop – I decided to wait on this because I’m going to be doing a fair in November. I’ll photograph them after the fair.
  • Make 2 more coaster sets and likewise with above – fail, working on them this week though!
  • Print business cards for Side Route Studio
  • Keep working on Side Route Studio website – not done yet, but getting there1
  • Complete a freelance Save the Date project
  • Clean and downsize at the apartment more
  • Pack for Camping Trip :)
  • Catch up on Project Life regular and Road Trip edition
  • work on new fallenpeach product idea still in progress, but coming along nicely!
  • figure out our Halloween Costumes for this year!
  • Bingo Night with friends if possible
  • Participate in 30 Lists – almost done, running a little behind on this!

October Goals

  • Make coasters and new products for fair in November
  • List new Sammy greeting cards 🙂
  • Continue work on Side Route Studio website
  • Clean and downsize apartment more
  • attempt Bingo Night again
  • Finish year two of Project Life and try to finish Road Trip number 1
  • Re-package necklaces for fair
  • Blog on time rest of month
  • Take more me time
  • Get better at time management

What are your goals this month?

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