Meetup: September 2014 Goals

meetup goals

Can you believe it’s September? I’ve been enjoying this mild Summer we are having and truly hope that we get a full and long Autumn as far as weather is concerned! On to the goals! August was pretty darn productive, I must say. Let’s take a look:

  • Edit bookmark and coaster photos I decided that I don’t like my coaster photos and will rephotograph in September.
  • – list new bookmarks and coasters in etsy shop  There are so many new bookmarks in my shop! Have you seen them?
  • – work on a new blog editorial calendar Done and ready to go!
  • start building website for Side Route Studio  Start being the key phrase here, moving slower than I want to be on this.
  • – clean/downsize more at apartment
  • – arrange for a Bingo Night with friends
  • – shred the massive pile of papers that are just hanging around
  • – catch up on Project Life and my road trip project life book as well
  • – Plan a camping trip for September  Woot! So excited about this! 

See? Super productive! I’m actually really happy where I am right now for September. There are things I wish I had had time for last month, but I’m focusing on moving forward and pushing them to the top of my list for the next month. Using my Bullet Journal really helps with this.

September 2014 Goals

  • Re-photograph Coasters and list them in the shop
  • Make 2 more coaster sets and likewise with above
  • Print business cards for Side Route Studio
  • Keep working on Side Route Studio website
  • Complete a freelance Save the Date project
  • Clean and downsize at the apartment more
  • Pack for Camping Trip 🙂
  • Catch up on Project Life regular and Road Trip edition
  • work on new fallenpeach product idea
  • figure out our Halloween Costumes for this year!
  • Bingo Night with friends if possible
  • Participate in 30 Lists

My schedule is much more full this month, but I’m confident that I can do it. Right now, behind the scenes, I’m working really hard at time management. It isn’t easy with a full time regular job, but I’m working harder on figuring out what works for me so that I get everything done.

How was your August? Are you pushing yourself harder in September or taking a well earned break from Summer projects?

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