>Monthly Meetup: November Goals



Happy November everyone! My October was not very successful, goals wise. But I’m okay with that because it is a fresh month. We had a blast on Halloween – most significantly going to Johnny Rocket’s for lunch dressed as Rizzo and Kenicke from Grease. 
The only thing I really accomplished in October from my list was making an October Newsletter and sending it out. And I’m not really sure how it happened. I think between planning for our Feast and for Halloween and working a lot of hours everything just fell apart again. But I started fresh yesterday and I’m determined to keep it going.
November Goals
1. Continue listing a new item every day on Etsy . (once photographed)
2. Make November Newsletter by Nov. 15.
3. List Graphic Design Services
4. Photograph new Greeting Cards and start listing
5. Make daily and weekly to do lists in conjunction with work schedule to stay organized and on top of everything.
6. Update fallenpeach website and at least get new logo for portfolio site done.

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