New and Old In Our Etsy Shop!

Big Cow Kitschy Bookmark by fallenpeach on Etsy Bright Eyed Owl Bookmark by fallenpeach on Etsy nature bookmark by fallenpeach on etsy

I am officially starting to get excited for Autumn. The weather has been full on Summer ever since September hit and I am ready for a cool breeze and light jacket weather.

In celebration of Autumn I’ve added some old favorites back into our Etsy shop in addition to a whole lot of new bookmarks! Above you can see three of the new bookmarks, but please click through and check out the shop – there are so many more new bookmarks there to browse!

Illustrated Halloween bookmarks by fallenpeach on etsy

Just a reminder that Sammy and his friends are ready to Celebrate Autumn and Halloween with you! Matt’s wonderful illustrations are back to being front and center on our main shop page and just looking at them makes me smile.

gold pirate coin photo bookmark by fallenpeach on etsy marshmallows over flame photo bookmark by fallenpeach on etsy Pirate Photo Laminated Bookmark by fallenpeach on etsy

And another surprise for the shop – I’ve re-listed a few of my Autumn favorites including the three bookmarks above!

Do you have any books that you traditionally read every Autumn?

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