Read This Month Free Printable


I realized recently that I don’t really keep track of the books I read very well. I try to blog about them once a month, but often times if I don’t love a book I’ll get rid of it and forget about it. As a Project Lifer, I realized that there is an easy solution to keeping better track.

And so I created my own Project Life card to use monthly that documents the books I read and a basic rating for each. I decided early on to share the card with all of you to use in your own documentation whether it be Project Life or another kind of scrapbooking and would love to see how you use it.

If you use the card, please remember to tag me in your instagram (@fallen_peach) or twitter (@fallenpeach) posts so I can see what you are reading! You can also use the hashtag #ReadThisMonth so anyone else taking part can join in the conversation.

This card and idea is still very new to me and I’m very curious to see how it develops both for me and for you.

To download the card just pick either a vertical or a horizontal version and right click Save Image As. At some point I will find an easier way for you, but for now!

fallenpeach free printable read this month