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I realized last month that I don’t really keep track of the books I read very well. I try to blog about them once a month, but often times if I don’t love a book I’ll get rid of it and forget about it. As a Project Lifer, I realized […]

Free Read This Month Printable, now Available!

bill bryson the lost continent
A couple weeks ago, I talked about getting back to my roots. More specifically, back to bookmarks and focusing on what I love making and creating. In the spirit of those thoughts, I’ve decided to recap my reading at the end of each month. I’m not a reviewer so these […]

August Reads : 2014

Welcome Back, Reading Thursday posts! I missed talking more about books on this blog. Considering I MAKE BOOKMARKS and read all the time, it seemed weird that I wasn’t blogging more about them. So I’m bringing back my Reading Thursday posts! These posts aren’t really reviews. I’m not a reviewer. […]

Reading Thursday: Fiddlehead by Cherie Priest