The Meetup: December 2014

>The Meetup: MAY IS HERE!

Happy December! I think I’m finally ready for the holidays, at least personally. I tend to avoid Christmas music and things until after Thanksgiving and now I’m ready to embrace the craziness. Organizationally, I have a different plan for tackling December, but first let’s take a look at November.

November Goals

  • Photograph coasters, new notebooks and necklaces
  • Re-arrange Etsy shop for Holidays and list new Holiday products
  • Make schedule to list new products in Etsy shop
  • Make more notebooks
  • Continue work on Side Route Studio website
  • Clean off Expedit and move it or sell it. Downsize more!
  • Project Life – begin year 3 and road trip 2

So, all in all not a bad November. There was also a last minute Trunk Show in Guilford and I listed 6 necklaces in the Etsy Shop this past weekend. I have more to list but photos to edit first.

imagine pendant by fallenpeach on etsy

For December I have three main goals:

  • Add all the new products into my fallenpeach etsy shop
  • Finish the Side Route Studio official website
  • Attempt to finish my Project Life Road Trip book.

These are three massive projects and I’m hoping that if I focus on just them I’ll be able to finish at least two of them. I would love to be able to bring my road trip book to Christmas to show family and I really do have lots of lovely new products to show off to all of you in the shop! Side Route is moving slowly, but I plan on launching officially sometime in February. Stay tuned for more news on that.

How was your November? Did you get a lot done? Are you slowing down for December or pushing harder to get more done?

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