Weekenders: Alternative Living Expo

This past weekend Matt and I attended the Alternative Living Expo in Pennsylvania. We were mainly interested in the Steampunk aspect and in basically just looking around, getting ideas and getting inspired. Since it was a first year event, things weren’t exactly what we were expecting but we still had a good time and saw some really cool things. I also collected like 30 business cards that I have yet to sort through.

One of the coolest things we saw was the ModVic kitchen with fully modern appliances hidden inside seriously awesome Victorian ones. The knife display photographed at left is from that kitchen.

Steampunk is something that we have been interested in for a while, but are just now starting to really explore. We both have ideas for themed outfits and will be getting them together slowly, but hopefully have something in place in time for the Steampunk World’s Fair in May. I may blog about my adventures in putting together my concept, since I have some great crafty ideas for accessories.

Additionally, Matt has some Steampunk style drawings that we are excited to present for sale in the shop soon. So stay tuned!

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