Weekenders: Lindsey Turns 29

I had a fantastic Birthday weekend. It was filled with an awesome concert ( Big Bad Voodoo Daddy), fun presents, delicious food, good friends and bowling. We also visited an massive used bookstore and I finally got to start playing with Google+.

Your first question is probably – what was in the box? Well, it was a pretty nifty white board combo organizational tool that I can not wait to use. Once it is put together and up on the wall I’ll photograph it for you to see.

Your second question is probably – well how did you bowl? And the answer is – awesomely! I managed to stay above 100 all three games and even scored a 144 my second game, which I think is the highest I’ve gotten in a while.

I also finished my 30 before 30 list and will blog the full list later today. I’m excited to tackle the list and think that it is a pretty rounded out, fun list of things I can actually accomplish in a year.

The self portrait was taken yesterday after bowling. I won an “angry birds” pig in the crane at the bowling alley.

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