Weekenders: Tales of Shopping and Two Unrelated Photos

This weekend Matt and I only had one day off together, and so we used that day very wisely – shopping for Steampunk costume pieces and accessories in preparation for this coming weekend. Usually when we go hunting for pretty specific things, we can never find what we are looking for. But, surprisingly, yesterday was a complete success. Matt was able to find his pants and vest and I was able to find an wide buckle belt and a really really really awesome vest, along with a surprise pair of $8 boots that are perfect for my costume. We tried everything on and I must say, we look terrific. I can’t wait to show everything off.

Now that the costume itself is done, I just need to finish working on my faerie catching supplies and figure out how to attached some pieces to my costume. Should be an interesting project for this week.

We also spent some time hanging out with friends and listening to the rain.

How did you spend your weekend?

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