>Welcome 2011, January Meetup


How do you like my new music player? I’m so in love with it! 2011 is off to a good, albeit slightly slow start for me. I had planned to be more on top of things, but I’m a few days off. Oh well, starting fresh starting today, January 4th!

I had goals for December,

~ Newsletter – make and send by December 13th. (there will be a coupon! so sign up for our mailing list in our sidebar now!)

~ Finish cross stitch gift
~ Stick to budget for Christmas shopping, be done before the 20th.
~ Blog three times a week; add Christmas/Holiday Photo Fridays as new feature
~ List two new items a week, more if possible. 
~ Begin work on fallenpeach website redesign. 
~add Wii Fit Yoga into my schedule somewhere, even if only once a week. 
and I did okay on them, but getting sick and working retail during the Holidays did not help. Things are slowing down at work and I am determined to make January much better than the last few months of 2010. 
January Goals:
– Finish website Reboot. Right now I’m working on transferring our official website, and blog, to WordPress. Though I can use Dreamweaver and design websites, the frustration I feel when I do isn’t worth it anymore. I design layouts, logos, cards, invitations, all kinds of things that do not involve coding websites. And I’m okay with that. We’ll see how it all works out. 
– Finally add Graphic Design and more of Matt’s art into the shop; similarly add three new items into the shop a week.
– Blog three times a week, at the very least, and start Photo a Week project. Hopefully easier for me than Photo a Day.
– Finish Cross Stitch Gift. 
– Skipping January Newsletter, will have one for February.
and some general 2011 GOALS:
– Get up earlier to get things done before work.
– Work Yoga into my schedule
– Move
– Get fallenpeach to Make money as a business
– Keep a Thankful Journal, weekly entries.
If you’d like to join in our Monthly Meetup, visit Liz’s Athena Dreams blog for more information.

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