Where Have I Been? and 203/365 Autumn Corn

Happy Tuesday! Life has been a whirlwind rollercoaster this past month. We’ve been engaged almost a month and I, for one, have been moving pretty much non-stop. On top of wedding preparations, we have also moved into our own cute little apartment so decorating and getting necessary things has been a big part of the past week as well. (more on this as I update/document my 30 before 30 later).

But just before we moved my computer had a virus that messed up my copy of Photoshop. It took me a little longer than planned to completely fix the problem, so I haven’t been able to edit any photos until now. I have photos, though not necessarily one a day, and I plan on using them to catch up with 365 because it is important to me to keep it going. Hopefully I’ll get back to one a day instead of 30 on one day this week. Click the Autumn Corn photo above to see a sneak peek of 5 new photos and don’t worry, plenty more are on the way!


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