>YTT: New Routines


Happy Wednesday! It’s raining outside but I kinda like it. I’ve been craving thunderstorms and yesterday there was a pretty good one. Anyway, I mentioned before that I’ve started working differently since I got home from my cross country adventure and so far it is going really well. I haven’t stressed out at all (woot three days and counting, haha), I’m getting things done and I feel good about myself and my products and my work.

Yesterday: I blogged on Nowhere Nerds and here,  sorted photographs and made 5 new bookmarks (ready to print!), continued job searching, and sent a couple important emails. I closed out the day enjoying the thunderstorm and watching Warehouse 13 on SyFy. I was delighted to find that two Firefly actors were guest starring 🙂

Today: I will sort more photos and make 5 more bookmarks, clean my “workshop” area, continue job searching, and run a couple errands. I’ve already blogged at Nowhere Nerds too.

Tomorrow: I will make the magnets that are sitting ready to be made and try to have a bit of a rest. Maybe throw in some reading time. I would also like to start outlining the book I want to write about our adventure.

What about you? What are your short term goals?

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