>YTT: New Settings


After a few days of floundering with my new schedule (or rather, lack thereof), I’ve implemented a way to keep myself organized and still get things done. It may take a couple days to get totally back on track, but I’m getting there!

Yesterday: I worked. Retail. Again. But it feels good to be working with a product rather than behind a desk. I didn’t have time for much else yesterday.

Today: I caught up with my photo a day project, edited three sets of product photos for Etsy (but am awaiting Matt for troubleshooting on his computer before I can list them), and made my to do list for today and tomorrow which is even more necessary with uneven work hours. Today is light because I have work this evening, but so far I feel good about my accomplishments.

Tomorrow: I will blog and list a new item, then I will go to work. Then I will most likely crash for a relaxing evening of watching Fringe and organizing my weekend.

How is your week going?

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