>YTT: One of THOSE weeks


Happy Wednesday everyone, I’m having one of THOSE weeks.. the ones where you feel like you have too much to do and are working constantly but then you turn around and nothing seems to be done? Yeah, that’s me this week.

Yesterday: I cut out a bunch of new bookmarks using my brand new Christmas Gift of a Paper Cutter. I’m not great with such tools yet, so I cut with a border and trimmed the rest off with my handy exacto blade. I also printed some possible magnet images and cut down to the ones that are really awesome. I cut them out too, but I didn’t take a photo yet.

Today: I need to finish a print ad for myself (graphic design services, not products), I want to continue working on the magnets, I need to collect photos needed to submit to a craft fair and I would like to do some internet cleaning and email organizing.

Tomorrow: I would like to devote tomorrow to business planning. I started an evening business class two weeks ago but we had last week off, so I’m a little off my game. Class starts again tomorrow night so I would like to start thinking about my business plan and things like that.

How about you? What are your short term goals this week?

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